p5js Coding Challenge | Update 2


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p5js Coding Challenge | Update 2

Idea: Pokemon Galaga

Inspo Links: http://www.freegalaga.com/emailform/form.php

After receiving feedback from Professor Kapp, our group decided to move away from our original idea, Oswald the Elephant, to Pokemon Galaga. With this change in idea, our process has been a bit slower.

For our game, we will keep the core ideas of Galaga: moving regular targets (pikachu), moving big monster/ targets (other monster), moving player (Asher), and shooting Pokemon balls. One of our unique ideas for our game is in order to hit one of the bigger monsters, we want to use our mic/ voice to hit it.

Ryan has created an outline for all the potential functions we need:

Here are all the assets we’re using for our game:

Here is a mock gif for our game:

How to make Pokemon to come in like the Galaga game
Background parallax effect

Stay tuned for more updates!!

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