Envisioning Town Creek | Update 1


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Envisioning Town Creek | Update 1

I have spent the first phase of the project mostly thinking about assets and thinking about what I want this project to accomplish. To be clear, I see this as a large project which I will likely continue after this class ends, meaning, this iteration may only build the foundation. Initially, I planned on only reconstructing Œnock, however, I have begun contemplating expanding the project into a model of the great city Xualla. Œnock, village of the Eno people, was a town, whereas Xualla was the only place to be described by the Spanish invaders as a “city”. Emerging evidence is suggesting my people were a mix of Creek, and Shawnee which is where many cultural influences can be traced. Traditionally they have been classified as “Eastern Siouan”, though the presence of Algonquin practices and words throws James Mooney’s historic classification into question. Initially, I would like to try and reconstruct Œnock as it is a smaller project and I anticipate much of the labor going into assets. Therefore, it would be smart to start with a town as a base, and expand as necessary. If time permits, I would like to expand Œnock into Xualla. Seeing our towns and temples would truly be exciting, but few people are aware of the city that once stood in the Carolina Piedmont and its mesoamerican influences. This experience could be truly transformative for the practice of decolonization, as I am tired of other people, namely my settler father, saying “there was nothing and nobody here”.

Thus far, I have been concentrating mostly on developing the look and feel by beginning to gather assets and 3D models. I plan on using either peep frogs or white noise crickets as the looping background music to set the ambiance. Next, I plan on using a 3D River to set the boundary for Œnock’s plot of land. For the sky asset, I may use a starry daytime sky, reflecting some time of day between 3 and 6PM. I have spent sometime looking through Google Poly and Google (in general) for a preexisting wigwam, but I didn’t find too much that looked like the feel I needed, particularly the style of the southeast. I anticipate creating these in Doodle3d. Overall, asset creation shouldn’t be too difficult as I will only need to make the wigwams and central pyramid/mound. If time permits, I will further develop this by either enhancing the inside of the wigwams or expanding to Xualla. I plan on creating these models during the upcoming week.

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